Juvenile Training

Wednesday’s; 5:30pm to 6:30pm
Age 7 and older
At Town Park Track

Friday’s; 6:45pm to 8:00pm
Age 10 and older
At St Mary’s Secondary School, Irishtown

Saturday’s; 11am to 12 noon
Age 7 to 12 – ideal for new joiners
At St Mary’s Secondary School, Irishtown

Sunday’s; 11am
Casual run, between 5km and 8 km
Suitable for most Age 10 and older. Parents welcome to join in.
Venue varies (e.g. Tintern Abbey, Kennedy Park etc.) sent by text on Saturday’s


Monday’s; 4:30pm
Secondary school kids session
Suitable for most Age 13 and older.

€2 per week


Senior Training

Beginners Session – Tuesday 7pm-8pm at Good Counsel College
Wednesday 7.30pm-8:30pm at Good Counsel College
Friday 7.30pm-8:30pm at New Ross Town Park track

€1 per per session

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