Wexford Senior Track & Field Championships, 10-Jul-2019, Enniscorthy

Another busy evening at the Wexford County Track & Field in Enniscorthy. Twenty three Striders competed across the Novice, Senior & Masters levels, with just about everyone bringing home at least a medal.
Always great to see some of our juveniles making the move up and competing in the Seniors, congrats to them, and to their coaches. Well done to Paul & Louise and all at Wexford Athletics for a great evening of competition. Competing for Striders were :

Rebecca Bawden, Claire Doyle, Aoife Ni Eochaidh, Sonya Byrne, Catriona McLoughlin, Nicola Murphy, Sandra Young, Aine Cullen,Aedan Rogers, Adam O’Connor, Alan O’Connor, Aaron Browne, Conor Murphy, Dirk Ardrichem, George Delaney, John McGrath, Eddie Murphy, Pat Murray, Liam Traynor, Patrick Doyle, Joe Lillis, Emmett Malone and Padraig Barron.

Aedan Rogers
– Senior 800m 1st

Sonya Byrne
– Masters 400m 2nd
– Masters 100m 3rd

Catriona McLoughlin
– Masters 400m 3rd

Rebecca Bawden
– Novice 400m 2nd
– Novice 1 Mile 3rd (6 min 42)

Conor Murphy
– Novice 400m 2nd

Aaron Browne
– Novice 400m 1st

George Delaney
– Masters 400m 2nd
– Masters 1 Mile 4th (5 min 6)

John McGrath
– Masters 400m 3rd
– Masters 1 Mile 3rd (5 min 4)

Patrick Doyle
– U18 Triple Jump 1st
– Novice 100m 2nd

Clare Doyle
– U18 Triple Jump 1st
– Senior Triple Jump 2nd
– Novice 100m 1st

Nicola Murphy
– Masters 1 Mile 1st (6 min 16)

Aoife Mac Eodhaidh
– Novice 100m 2nd

Aine Cullen
– Novice 100m 3rd

Liam Traynor
– Masters 100m 2nd

Eddie Murphy
– Masters 100m 3rd

Adam O’Connor
– Novice 1 Mile 1st (4 min 59)

Pat Murray
– Novice 1 Mile (5 min 20)

Joe Lillis
– Masters 1 Mile 1st (5 min 2)
– Senior 5000m 1st

Alan O’Connor
– Masters 1 Mile 2nd (5 min 3)
– Senior 5000m 3rd

4x400m Senior Relay
3rd – Catriona McLoughlin, Sandra Young, Nicola Murphy, Sonya Byrne
4th – Clare Doyle, Aine Cullen, Aoife Mac Eodhaidh, Rebecca Bawden.

4x400m Senior Relay
2nd – Aaron Browne, John McGrath, Conor Murphy, Patrick Doyle
3rd – George Delaney, Pat Murray, Eddie Murphy, Liam Traynor

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